Bhagawaan Gopinathji Day observed in New Jersey, U.S.A on the 26th of July, 1997

The birth centenary celebration of Bhagawaan Gopinathji was held at Govind Mandir on Newyork Avenue in Jersey city, New Jersey on Saturday, the 26th of July, 1997.

The Mayor of the City, Mr. Bret Schundler, proclaimed July 26, 1997 as Jagad Guru Bhagawaan Gopinathji DAY and appealed to all the residents to celebrate the day with respect and enthusiasm. He said Bhagawaanji’s attributions were of great importance to mankind at present.

Prominent among those who participated in the grand function held in the Govind Mandir were Deputy Consul General of India, Mr. Kaliash Aggrawal, Advisor to the Governor of New Jersey, Ms. Todd Whitman, the city Indian community leader, Mr. Mone R. Sen, Mr. Mangal Gupta, founder member of National Federation of Indian Associates and Mr. Surinder Zutshi, founder of Kashmir Solidarity, U.S.A.

Dr. Jatiley was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Bhagawaanji was as an asset not only to Kashmir but to the entire world. His (the Bhagawaan’s) all-pervading spirit, he added, will continue to guide the needy and deserving as He has a mission to help those in distress through his spiritual sidhis or powers.

Indian Postal Stamp

Indian Postal Service released a stamp titled Bhagawaan Gopinathji on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary on 3rd July 1998.


Doordarshan made a documentary on Bhagawaan Gopinathji in the year 1996.

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall was opened for all the devotees on 21st November 2010, Kartik Poornamashi.
The Heritage Hall illustrates his various residences, the pilgrimage centres he visited. The captivating aspect of the Heritage Hall is the various articles of his daily use as well as the big fire-pot (Kangri in Kashmir), His Chillum, His Pheran etc. Our posterity will be proud of such an ancestor who is now a Jagadguru.